susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

More Vegan Cooking, and Baking!

I've learned that the best way to cook vegan from recipes is to find good recipes from cooks I trust (Alton Brown, for example) and substitute ingredients. This seems to work better than using any old recipes on the Internet, posted by vegan laypeople.

I like Vegenaise, made by the American brand, Follow Your Heart, but I can't buy it in Dubai. So I used this recipe, touted by at least several Internet vegans. It features a picture of creamy mayonnaise, and testimonials on Reddit from vegans who claimed to have made it. So I tried it. It did not emulsify, and it did not thicken, even a little.

But it tasted good. So I made a Japanese potato salad, substituting my mayonnaise flavored dressing and using corn niblets instead of ham.

And it tasted exactly like it should.

I was salivating over a display case of Subway cookies the other day, and vowed to bake. I worked at Subway for years, so I've eaten enough of those cookies for the rest of my life. I used an Alton Brown recipe called 'The Chewy,' and substituted vegan margarine for butter, the flax egg for actual egg, and a little soy milk for the milk. I used a bar of Lindt Excellence Madagascar chocolate (dairy free) instead of chocolate chips, and added crushed walnuts.

The result was a chewy cookie, a cross between a Subway cookie and a cake.

And it was delicious, and no animals were harmed. Viva la flax egg!
Tags: food and wine

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