susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

and I answered honestly, too.

Lucky thing my lover IS an Aries!

aries lover

You'll Fall in Love With An Aries!

You want a lover like Aries, one who knows what he / she wants and goes after it.

You fall for assertive Aries almost instantly... the only sign powerful enough to sweep you off your feet.

Your Aries is dominant and romantic - bringing you lots of adventure.

You are attracted to people who are completely in charge.

Nothing turns you on more than surrendering completely, to the right person.

Symbols of power turn you on - from flashy cars to an Aries with lots of charm.

The trade off is that your Aries has trouble commiting and lack stamina.

You'll have to try extra hard to make the relationship fresh and fiery.

Keep that burst of passion going past the third date, and you are on your way!

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