susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
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Blogger's Dilemma

The more I have to write about, the less time I have to write. So, lest I forget what I've done in the last two weeks..

2-day PLS seminar on May 18 and 19. Thai with Muyan, Mafumi, Masako, and Don. Made burritoes and chu-hi at Sara and Simon's, then made more chu-hi for Angie, Simon, and Sara at our place (our first guests! It was as much a 'sayonara' for Angela as a housewarming for us. Have fun in Boston, Angie!). Met Don's students and their mothers in Shukugawa. Don's cooking lesson at English Studio (avocado and sun-dried tomato eggrolls with cashew and cilantro sauce). Private Rakugo at English Studio. Two karaoke sessions with Don. Many trips to hardware stores and interior stores to renovate our room. Longman Press focus group. Romantic stroll around Harborland/Mosaic with Don. Oh, and THREE weeks ago, Kazuki came down from Nagoya and he and Akiko came with us to Don's Cinnabun-making lesson. I really miss those kids!

FYI, strawberry juice makes the best chu-hi. The apple and grapefruit were all right, but STRAWBERRY... wow. We sweetened it with a little gum syrup.

Yesterday, Sandy woke us up to see Takanohana getting his hair cut while everyone cried. He sat nobly and stoically and very still, but he must have been quite sad. Then Sandy intruduced us to Hula Cafe's Sunday brunch. After that, we went to the Ikari Gourmaison (sp?) to sample the wine. Sandy pulls out the drip caps and pours full cups. I tried four reds. Then we went to Yellow Jackets to plan the Summer Splash All-Nite Dance Bash. The bar was closed, no ni, Sandy scored us cold beers. Then we slammed ouzos before meeting Muyan, Adrian and Aki, Marianne and Taka at The Hub. From there we hit Ryan's, and then met Mick's birthday party at Chey's House (Mick, if you read this: Tanjoubi omedetou!!), where I finally met the dazzling Alice.

Today I went to CostCo with Don and Mafumi, and bought Dr. Pepper, Butterfinger, Quaker Instant Oats, and Downey in bulk. I even bought zabuton in bulk - 5 for 3,000 yen. I've just finished putting henna in Sandy's hair, and Don and Jason are playing video games on our giant new TV.

Boring stuff, I know. =) Stay tuned for details on the SUMMER SPLASH ALL-NITE BASH! It will be the event of the century.
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