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Pretty Little Things

In February, my cousin Robert and his son came to Dubai for a shooting event. His wife, Julie, sent with him a purse to give to me, which had belonged to our grandma (my father's mother), Margaret Cash Strickland.

I think it's so pretty.

It was made in Československo.

Inside it I found these incredibly lovely things!

This is a petit point matchbook.

Seems it may have come from Vienna!

This pin has a tiny, tiny micro petit point.

And this one is even tinier.

There isn't any needlepoint on this locket, but it has a neat design and it's really small.

There's a small picture inside. Dad, do you know who it is? Is it Roy Strickland?

~ ~ ~

Edited to add! Here's a letter my dad sent me about the pretty little things:

Hi, Sq,
Very interesting stuff! Well, maybe interesting to only you and me, but who else matters?

Grandma and I went to Europe twice. Maybe three times. We rented a car in Amsterdam and drove to Rotterdam, Brussels, Munich, and Vienna.

She carried the little purse thing when she really got all dressed up. Where she got it I really don’t remember exactly, but possibly (and maybe probably) in Vienna since that’s not very far from “Ceskoslovensko”. She may have gotten the petit point things in Austria also. We likely stayed at stayed at the Vienna Intercontinental Hotel. As I recall, they were friendly toward airline-employee types.

I’m certain the cameo pendant thing (or whatever you call it) she got in either Rome or Naples. We visited a place where they carve them out of the inner surface of conch shells (“mother of pearl” they call it, I think). Before she bought that one she bought one from a street vendor who was sitting outside carving them. His products wouldn’t stand up to a very close inspection. In fact, his qualified as a POS. although Grandma didn’t identify it as such.

I remember the locket but I don’t know whether the picture is of my dad or not. Hard to tell, but I can’t imagine her putting a picture of anybody else’s dad in there.

The little pin with the green stones, she got in Mexico City

I’m thoroughly pleased that that you have those things and I’m grateful to Julie for passing them on to you. They were very important to Margaret Strickland.



And here are some pictures I've posted before of Margaret Cash.

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