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Real Diving Over Eid

This weekend was Eid al-Fitr (the Eid that follows Ramadan), and it's a holiday for most normal people. I am not a normal person, but I had the weekend off by pure chance.

So I went diving with a group. It was my first REAL dive. I drove to the east coast of this peninsula, which takes two hours, and met my group of 13 divers at a petrol station. From there we passed through the Oman border and boarded a speedboat that took us thirty or forty-five minutes away from the dive center, to some pristine and untouched coastline.

We explored three dive sites. These were walls teeming with color and life, and it was one of the most miraculous things I've seen. It is a glorious planet we live on. The ocean is magnificent.

This was the first dive site. The organizer of the excursion (my dive instructor, Tim) referred to another location as 'The Wonderwall,' but that descriptor could apply to the entire section of the coastline that we explored. 'Because there are many wonders,' Tim explained.

I took this picture from the boat. The girl in the pink wetsuit was on her first real dive, also.

This coastline might be one of the prettiest shapes in the natural universe. I know oonh would approve.

I wanted a picture of how clear and blue the water is, but it was too spectacular to capture. And I was taking pictures on my phone.

Which means that's the last picture here that was taken by me. The next few underwater pictures were taken by Tim.

This is how close I was to two cuttlefish. They were adorbs. Photograph by Tim.

Adorable cuttlefish. Photograph by Tim.

There were more colors than I think I'd ever seen in my life. (Photograph by Tim.)

Tim likes anemones and clown fish, and photographed every occurrence he could find.

I'm going to boast a little and tell you I was the first person to spot this zebra moray! (Photograph by Tim.)

And I was the first to find this leopard eel. (Photograph by Tim.) Later, Tim told me I had "laser vision." He also made repeated references to my enthusiasm. Who wouldn't be enthusiastic?

That's me in the middle, looking a bit like a mermaid with my huge fins. You can't tell, but the visibility went on and on. And there was so much to look at.

I implore you, look at this picture of my new friend Gisela, taken on the same dive. She was with her husband and son, so I don't know which of them took this picture. She took this picture, and this one, and this one, and this one. (Yes, on the same dive!) Turns out we're connected through mutual friends.

I like this planet.
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