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India for a Wedding

Hello! Certain family members are reminding me that I haven't updated lately. Hello, family members! How are you? I hope you're very well. Miss you lots and look forward to seeing you again. :)

These days, I'm trying to do my best to keep up with my social life, all the while trying to keep up with my busy work schedule. LJ suffers as a result... the old blogger's dilemma. The more I have going on in my life, the less time I get to spend documenting it.

And I like documenting it.

Two weeks ago, I went to India for a few days, to see some beloved friends become united as one. The number of pictures taken by myself and others is overwhelming; I'll just post a few grabs from my fon and my X100, so you can hopefully see how pretty it was.

I wore a sari. I thought I was dressing up. Then I saw how swanky everybody else's clothes were!

Weddings are a good excuse to look pretty. Here are Sheryn, Simon, and Brian, looking pretty.

At least I wore makeup. I'm terrible with hair, though. I'm between Emi and Danielle, with Brian and Tarek in front of us, and Jenny next to Danielle.

We received strings of jasmine flowers, which we could use to dress up our hair.

Jenny wanted a nice picture of her in her sari.

No event is complete without a picture of Hind looking mysterious.

Matt enters...

And so do the women of Namitha's family...

And then Namitha. This is where all the girls start crying, except for Nami, who had the biggest smile on her face all week.

Husband and Wife!

Gathering for lunch.

Lunch looked like this.

Happy for their happiness!

Later we greeted the bride with a fire hazard.
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