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So how is Dubai?

Well, Dubai is hot, and it's under construction. As per usual!

And it truly is hot. Earlier this summer we saw temperatures of 47-48ºC nearly every day. That's about 117-118ºF.

That never stops me from going outside.

My weather app informs me that today was a cool 39ºC (102ºF) but Thursday shall take us back up to 43ºC (roughly 109ºF). These temperatures sound like a pleasant spring day to me.

As I said, Dubai is still a work in progress. The latest madness being built here is the Dubai Water Canal, named so as not to confuse it with other kinds of canals. It was announced years ago, before the credit crunch, and then I heard nothing about it for a while. It is fully underway now.

See, there's this creek in the old part of Dubai. (Photo not mine.)

And at the start of the new part of Dubai, around the Burj Khalifa (world's tallest building), there is a development called "Business Bay," which I've always felt was a terrible name for a "bay," which is located at the top left of this picture. (Photo is mine, but from 5+ years ago.) The creek will connect to the "bay," which will then flow through the Jumeirah neighborhood and reconnect with the Gulf.

Here's a picture I took on the 8th of this month. The giant, 14 lane highway is Sheikh Zayed Road. Observe how they have sneaked over and building a diversion, then opened the diversion, and built a series of elevated platforms where the old road was. The new road will be elevated.

I took this one, too. See what's happening to the right side of the diversion? Immediately above it is Safa Park. (I can post that entry without the spoiler cut now, in light of this construction, though it looks like much of the park will remain intact; I'd heard they were demolishing the park.)

Here's a map showing the canal passing next to Safa Park, and through Jumeirah Beach Park. These two parks are among the most vintage of cheap-and-cheerful outdoor spots in Dubai, and if the city manages not to ruin either, I'll rest easier. I drive through that area a lot, though, and it's chaos at the moment. I wish I could get pictures, but that just isn't practical when I'm navigating my car through it.

I suppose this is what it should look like. Renders of future Dubai always look rather lush and green.

Here are a few news articles:
Dubai Canal project at halfway stage - 2015/03/13
Bridges rise from iconic roads as Dubai Canal project flows - 2015/08/16
Roadwork in Jumeirah starts for $545m Dubai Canal - 2015/08/23
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