susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

A cliche is a cliche because it's true?

If you want to call my mother a mindless sheep, you can feel free to fuck off.
I didn't know we were mindless sheep following the strokes. Everyone grazed like the mindless sheep that they are right into their local Gap and bought, bought, bought! The entire population is, collectively, mindless sheep (no personal offense intended). At least we're not mindless sheep. No mindless sheep please. AOL is for mindless sheep. 12 limosuines, a private plane, as much power over the millions of mindless sheep in the world. Also don't get me wrong in this article, I am not saying that we should all follow the pack like mindless sheep under hypnosis. To make matters worse many of the mindless sheep have more money than brains, and are not wine connoisseurs, merely trophy hunting collectors. And Satan's fucked up little mindless sheep are proud of being sheep, for they are too weak to stand out. The same mindless sheep who would get it stuck in their head that something is bad based solely on word of mouth. But to base it on some fucking fundamentalist-apocalyptic christianity lets the world know that you are a mindless sheep. Now (the disgracer of all that alice in chains stand for) the supposed layne STALEY, you call the people that like mindless sheep, but you just wish that you could have had the idea that mindless fucking rock. Our own Corporate CEOs, Politicians, and Elected Officials are transforming average, intelligent, US Citizens into mindless SHEEP at an alarming rate. They're supposed to be mindless sheep! The Puli is very vocal, since as a 30 pound dog in control of so many mindless sheep he must appear very powerful to them. Their goal is to suck innocent, tragically uninformed people into their destructive cult and indoctrinate them with religious bullshit and FEAR, and to create mindless sheep out of those aforementioned decent people. I know I am not a mindless sheep that follows the rest of the herd, all the while gobbling up the mindless dribble found in this magazine. Money and numbers don't mean a damned thing except for how many mindless sheep we can manage to create with those resources. This is a pretty short and simple story, but I thought it was best to let all metalheads out there know that not all youngsters are mindless sheep who walk off cliffs. Horridly bad, mindless sheep of a film. I'd like to start this diatribe off by dedicating it to my friend Jeremy Hager, who first told me of the sheeple; the mindless sheep people who follow pop-culture trends with zombie-like tenacity, lurching through a country-side in the wake of MTV. It astounds me that most people seem to have the backbone of mindless sheep when it comes to their own health decisions. It doesn't matter to the mindless sheep if the film is any good or not, it just matters that the film is viewed the most by other sheep that they want to converse with the next day, in a sheep ranch like Starbucks, or something. Go downtown and talk to a random selection of people and you'll find that 9 out of 10 of them ARE mindless sheep who know nothing and care less. No citizen dedicated to the principles which we espouse ought feel anything but shame and disgust for following callous leaders as mindless sheep follow blind shepherds into a pit of darkness. Everyone should get over their 'im not a mindless sheep following the media' obsession. And many, rejecting the characterization as sheep, by extension, found the image of the shepherd, the one who minds mindless sheep, equally irrelevant. Exhausted by the weight of the bag of weed, Tommy Chong looked at his friends and snapped, 'You guys ain't nothin' but mindless sheep man!'" First, we watched these overly enthusiastic adorable hunting dogs scare theliving hell out of those mindless sheep and get them into the pens. It is time to congregate the mindless sheep, don't be late. "Do not follow the judgment of the sound mind; Be like mindless sheep." Have the ovinity divinity, the powers that be, turned everyone into mindless sheep? Sangha Jewels of Refuge is a mindless sheep and does exactly as told without any thought nor questioning. I know I know, it's to keep us mindless sheep shoppers in the store longer, making us look harder for what we want, in the hopes that we will spot something "new and exciting" we hadn't thought to buy before and voila, we'll spend more money. Are you saying you'd like to insult those mindless sheep in the guestbook? There were about 650 sensible humans, and I now guess about 1,000 mindless sheep across the street. The governments of the world want their "loyal" citizens to be mindless sheep because they are easier to control that way. You see we have this group of idiots in the US who have created this folklore that ETS poses a danger and now the world is stupid enough to buy into the scam so we think we should too because like the antis that post at the smokers with attitude board we are mindless sheep and need government intervention because we no longer have the capacity of free thinking and we need to be told what to do. Again, in classic Psych-Op double-speak, Lewis claims that I slander anyone who says TWA 800 was hit with a terrorist missile as "mindless sheep" and "government agents." As he portrays me: If you disagree, you are a mindless sheep or a conpsiratorial government agent--no middle ground. After a long day of leading around these mindless sheep, there's nothing like a cold Bosch Beer. Don't treat them like mindless sheep. Don't treat any of us like mindless sheep. Everywhere I look... I see millions of mindless sheep. Consequently, each political bloc on this planet is a quantum mechanical fluid - a society of mindless sheep. In the same way, the existence of mindless sheep within hc/punk does not mean that hc/punk itself is allied with conformity. The band now plays, in honor of herds of mindless sheep the world over, "Smells Like Teen Spirit.”Read the articles, you mindless sheep! (Er... okay, so we're a little fuzzy on how mindless sheep should be expected to read, but you get the idea.) For those who want to play God over humanity, there is no sweeter dream than to turn rebellious, unruly humankind into a flock of obedient mindless sheep. Well, if you're not a controlling dog, or a pig, then you must be a mindless sheep. If you want to call my mother a mindless sheep, you can feel free to fuck off. Falwell has many followers who will not question his bellicose views, they will simply follow like mindless sheep; same with bin Laden. These sheep, these mindless sheep who waste air and space in this country and whose entire life is centered around their lawn, playing golf, and retiring to Florida, have chosen to feel that life is about speed. And yes, we rue them even more when they get popular because they're being regurgitated by corporate money machines and the mindless sheep they appeal to. Money that is right now being squandered by a school system that is deliberately, by federal mandate, turning our kids into unskilled, untalented, mindless sheep. They know that there will be a certain number of mindless sheep who will continue paying for tournaments no matter what, and they'll say nothing. The commercial machines spew out massive quantities of garbage and like mindless sheep the populous consume it all. There's a tendency among Linux advocates to think of the Windows majority as mindless sheep, brainwashed or coerced by Microsoft into buying their software. And we are the future, not the mindless sheep who troop blindly along wherever they are led. No mindless sheep please.
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