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Taxis, Tigers, and Carp

Don got new speakers. They're Sharp and they have a 1-bit DAC and a 300 watt amp, whatever that means. 5 little heavy ones plus a sub that's bigger than a goat. We're listening to the Phish in Dallas (1998) show - the one we were at - and we watched the Roger Waters 2000 tour on DVD - yeah, the one we were at. Last week, when I was totally strapped, I bought the Ulfuls Recital Reunion box set. Five CDs from one loong show they did, that I was unfortunely not at.

Now we're watching some video of a 1000 horsepower Viper drive on a freeway, going from 50 mph to 110 in 4 seconds, 50 to 110 in 3 seconds, and making fun of the other drivers on the road.

I've had a fluttery heart for about 14 hours.. one extra beat. I'd love to have a stethoscope. I could name 10 factors that might be contributing, but Don said I'm probably just getting ahead of myself.

The Tigers defeated the Carp yesterday, and Yakult lost about an hour later.. so we win!! I mean, they win!! Fans waiting around an hour until Yakult was out, and then... Madness ensued, beer became practically free, and 5,300 fans stripped down and cannonballed into the reeking Dotomobori.


Scott was there, drinking ¥100 beers. My student Miyuki, the baton-twirling coach, had just led her team to a gold medal in Osaka, chose last night to be the once-per-year she imbibes, oblivious to the Yoshien game. Got properly wasted and stepped out into Namba, where all the Kinki area was naked, dripping, trampling and being trampled.

So everything was on sale today. That's how Don got $800 speakers (SD-AT50?) for around ¥20,000.. less than $200. I went to Osaka with Scott, Masae, and Ryo. We drank ¥100 beers at the Fish Citizen place (got some lousy service and they lost a Fish Citizen beer stein) and 1/2-price karaoke at jankara. But I missed the last train and took a taxi. Between that, the taxi from Fish Citizen to Jumbo, and the taxi to work, I spent over $100 on taxis today. Oh, the frivolous lifestyle of an English teacher.


Although the Tigers haven't won the championship in 18 years, as Scott pointed out, it isn't THAT incredible since there are ONLY SIX TEAMS.

I went to Shirarahama - the white, good beach, sister beach of Waikiki - with Don, Ryo, and Kiyoe. For the two hottest days of the year, we floated in the clear, blue and rolled in the sugary, white sand, bleaching our brains and burning our bodies with the hot, white sun. Watched the sun set twice, fuschia, behind the imported craggy cliff. It was SO pretty. I'll show you pictures as soon as I can. Now Don is fuschia and I have a bikini drawn on me.

My image bandwidth will be on, then off, in a 24-hour period until I pay the bill. Sorry. It'll take a week, I predict, for my money to get home from Japan.

Only other thing I can think of to say is that Asashoryu won for the 10th day straight, like a proper Yokozuna should. Chiyotai is in 2nd and a handful of old favorites are in 3rd with splendid records.

We're listening to Brian Dewan, which seriously reminds me of Shirahama:

"We'll go wading in the ocean and lobsters will nip our hides.
Then we'll go to a seafood restaurant, where lobsters are boiled live."

"Let's bake together in the sun beneath a cloudless sky.
You'll be my apple strudel; I'll be your chicken pot pie."

From the Japan Times:
Counting down to victory, Hanshin fans warned Dotombori River is full of toxic sludge

As ardent Hanshin fans count down to the roaring Tigers' much-awaited baseball title, environmentalists wary of the revelers' ultimate expression of rapture -- a dive into Osaka's Dotombori River -- warn that the waterway is full of toxic sludge.

The poisons that await them include particles of heavy metals such as lead and zinc, dioxins and E-coli bacteria.

Hiroaki Ishiga, a Shimane University professor who studied the heavy metal content of the sludge, says samples taken from Dotombori showed around 10 times the concentration of heavy metals compared with muddy waterways elsewhere.

"Heavy metals are basically poisons. It's crazy to dive into a place like this," Ishiga said.

Dotombori River -- actually a man-made canal built in the early Edo era that runs through Osaka's busy Minami area -- is traditionally "the place to be" when the people of Osaka celebrate victories in major sporting events, including the 2002 World Cup soccer tournament and the most recent Hanshin Tigers victory 18 years ago.
Full JapanTimes article.

Could stand to sleep, I guess. Ja mata.
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