susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Underground: The art we were going to see

"The Underground Project will unfold beneath the streets of Minatomachi in Namba through Oct. 5 between the hours of 16:00 and 19:30. From the looks of it, the cavernous site seems neither to be teeming with rats nor raw sweage - something of a disappointment - but video installations by Kubota Tetsu and "seesaw," and a sculpture by Takahashi Kyoto, in which 1,232 lights promise to create a total whiteout, will surely make up for the absence of filth. Danger, on the other hand, is apparently rife: a fee of ¥1,000 is required to insure each visitor against the wide range of unexpected risks that might occur. In exchange, a passport to the lower depths will be issued."

We had no idea where to start looking for this exhibit. We asked the Osaka Station information counter how to get under Minatomachi, and the four women looked.. very afraid. As they discussed our bizarre inquiry in a huddle, we politely told them not to worry, we could make do on our own. Minatomachi was dead quiet, and we walked to one end without seeing any sign of art. On the way back, we cut through a dog park and noticed a graffiti'd shack guarded by a couple of attendants who confirmed that this was Underground. They pointed us toward a subway tunnel where we could by tickets, but alas. It was only 5:30, but they'd sold out for the day. A huge crowd waited patiently, clutching numbers. We left with a pamphlet.

(This picture is scanned from the pamphlet. There's a different sort of show at the same location over the next two weekends, so we'll probably try to go....)

Watch this spot for the art we DID see!
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