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Caribbean rice

Don is making peanut-encrusted lemony salmon with garlic balsamic sauce. He fried the peanuts in sesame oil, and the side dish is Caribbean buttered pineapple rice with curry spice. Could anyone with sources verify whether I have gone to heaven?

Last night, we found the Coyote Cafe closed, so we wandered to a funky place called Avacava that is open until 25:00. We had Japanese Pad Thai, Chijimi, and... avocado & maguro spring rolls with cilantro and balsamic sauce. Oh. My. God. We drank, in pairs, bloody marys, pear liqueur, and hot buttered rum (stirred with cinnamon sticks).

While we were there, we examined several design books. About sixties furniture, portraits, interiors, cats. One book was about Charles and Ray Eames, husband-and-wife chair designers. Now, I have a postcard with a photo of Charles and Ray Eames (posing with their furniture) on the wall of the W.C. and I see it every time I sit down. Modern and retro at the same time. Futuristic like (the late) Andy Warhol. I thought they were a recent act, but they got their start in the forties, when they built a machine to mold plywood into any shape they liked. The picture in the loo was taken in the sixties.

Just went to the loo, in fact, and noticed the postcard is advertising a museum exhibit.

My new Japanese teacher, Masa, is putting up an Emirates cabin attendant. She is Japanese and lives in Dubai, but when you are a cabin attendant, you can spend your days off wherever you like, ya know? Masa described her photos of lush, skyscraped Dubai and her cool uniform. Ii naa! (It's been a full 3 months since I sent them my resume. Masa's homestay chickadee confirmed the airline is negotiating US routes, which will lead to more positions opening.)

In other news, today was the first day this fall that the moon made me dizzy. Who saw it, especially when it was low and red? Half, tilted waaaay over like a sleepy smile.

Kim (frootijen) asked why we're addicted to LJ. I read my Friends List with my finger on the scrolling wheel. It's better than TV. Like a reality show, but more... oh yeah, real. But not as real as reality, because of the one extra abstraction layer. One massive slice of world culture, with no one moderating but myself. (And maybe the Chinese government, because I don't seem to have many Chinese on my Friends List.) A good way to meet people, because what better way can you know someone other than by reading their diary and meeting all their friends?

I'm really getting into this Friendster thing, too. Where LJ is engineered to connect you with people you don't know, Friendster only connects you with the people you do. Do know, I mean. Not... oh, nevermind. I'm having fun with the testimonials. It's like writing report cards, which I do all the time but not for people I love.

Dinner's ready! Ja ne!
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