susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Weird news


On MTV "Rock the vote," CNN planted a question to the participants of the vote. And the question was "Do you prefer a PC or Mac format?" ...???

Tom Delay was raising money for his campaign (or Bush's campaign?) by calling around asking his constituents to donate $300-500?

Michael Moore's new book sold a million copies in 3 weeks, and his book signings drew thousands in all the 39 towns the visited in 25 days? (I think I quoted those figures right..)

CBS was ordered by the government to either pull "The Reagans" or run a banner stating that the documentary contains untruths?

I'm currently reading 1984. (Thanks, Dad!) Perpetual war, fabricated fluctuations in production, renovated history, eradication of criminal thought through language reform. Discuss.

The FBI raided Wal-Marts and dry cleaners to expose Wal-Mart's role in racketeering and violation of hiring regulations as pertain to illegal workers?

Am I getting this right?

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