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susan smitten

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Weird news [Nov. 14th, 2003|03:28 am]
susan smitten

On MTV "Rock the vote," CNN planted a question to the participants of the vote. And the question was "Do you prefer a PC or Mac format?" ...???

Tom Delay was raising money for his campaign (or Bush's campaign?) by calling around asking his constituents to donate $300-500?

Michael Moore's new book sold a million copies in 3 weeks, and his book signings drew thousands in all the 39 towns the visited in 25 days? (I think I quoted those figures right..)

CBS was ordered by the government to either pull "The Reagans" or run a banner stating that the documentary contains untruths?

I'm currently reading 1984. (Thanks, Dad!) Perpetual war, fabricated fluctuations in production, renovated history, eradication of criminal thought through language reform. Discuss.

The FBI raided Wal-Marts and dry cleaners to expose Wal-Mart's role in racketeering and violation of hiring regulations as pertain to illegal workers?

Am I getting this right?

From: malo23
2003-11-14 09:05 am (UTC)
I have a friend that just went to see Michael Moore speak in the U.K. (she posted about it on LJ, though it is a "closed" entry so I can't provide a link). I was very moved by Mr. Moore's documentary film "Bowling for Columbine"; the fact that the nuclear arms power plant shown in the film exists in COLORADO (not to mention the Columbine incident itself) made it all seem much "closer to home" than it might have were I living elsewhere. I would say more about the film/my reactions here but it is too exhausting to write about right now (and time-consuming). Suffice it to say that there are problems everywhere, not just the U.S., though I do believe that Mr. Moore made his point loud and clear (one can understand his feelings, esp. having grown up in Flint, MI). I was truly saddened by the film and couldn't shake off feelings of malaise, even despair, for days after watching it...

In other news, Japan has decided NOT to send troops to Iraq right now but to wait for the "right time." It was so bizarre seeing a photo of Japanese troops attached to the article...It's hard to look upon the Japanese flag in that context and not think of their WWII fanaticism. Perhaps this is why nations like China and N. Korea haven't forgiven or forgotten...? I don't know, Japan has been so anti-war since their defeat in 1945. I realize that they don't plan to have their troops do any real "fighting" but the whole thing is just so surreal. I wonder if the men who are eventually sent to Iraq will make the "peace" sign like teenage girls in Japan do when someone snaps a candid photo? :P

I read the book "1984" some years ago (1997 I believe) and saw the film a couple of years later when I was still living in Japan (rented from Tsutaya!). It is one of my favorite works of literature. Very haunting--BIG BROTHER is definitely a reality, though perhaps not to the extent that Orwell predicted. Although I personaly don't download copyrighted music from the net, I'd say the RIAA come pretty close at times... ;) ;)

"Beware the savage jaw of 1984..."
David Bowie: "1984" (written 1974)

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[User Picture]From: etherealmommy
2003-11-16 05:05 am (UTC)
Hehhehee. I called Brian. We talked for many hours..and I was led to this website: http://www.davidicke.com His books really have more specific info....but it is funnny to go and look at the symbolism section of the websight...Check out Washington DC...Also just found out in the midst of my geneology reasearch that I have a long line of masons on my moms side (I knew they were carpenters but that's it)...So I start doing research. Washington was a Mason...as well as Roosevelt, Clinton, Bush...They are also proven to be all part of the same blood line! Also look at this websight if you haven't http://www.cloud-busters.com
or http://www.chemtrailcentral.com
It all reminds me of 1984........In North Korea they have a radio in their kitchen. Every apartment has one and the only station is the government station. The volume can be turned down but never off.
The streets in DC looked at from the air form pentagrams and a giant owl which represents a god which the illuminati worship that children were sacrificed to. It's very interesting if nothing else...Anyhoo....
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