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Kyoto: The Bunka, the Beauty, and the Booze

Sunday, November 16, was "Japan Night," which means having to be in Osaka at 10:00am. The English Studio crew went to Kyoto for fabric-dyeing and sweet-making.

You see a lot of this in November.

My handmade sweets. Uh... one of these bonbons is not like the others

We dyed fabrics, kimono-style, using stencils and stiff brushes.

My T-shirt, of which I'm a little too proud.

The Yuzen-en, with sliding doors made from centuries-old kimono.

Then we ate at 844 ("Hashishi"), where I broke bread with Michael and Jonas exactly 2 years earlier. It's an organic vegetarian diner, with sake brewed by women and random live shows. Ate pumpkin-cream gratin, camembert pizza, tofu burgers, and much more.

It was 8:00 at night, and the remaining 5 or so Japan Nighters went to Kiyomizu temple to see the night view and crowds. Don and I defected, and located the good King Kyouken, Japan's mayor. We three promptly ran into Robert and Masami (As Seen On My Blog), and then we divined a laid-back reggae bar full of French architects and Polish hot air balloon referees. (Great folks.)

Four hours later found us at karaoke, basking in the world's best songs I didn't know as rendered by Kyouken. I mean, James. Kyouken has one of those magnetic personalities, in spite of his apparent distaste for most people and things. He's also got more aliases and email addresses than anyone I know.

Who are the most magnetic beings you know? Aside from Kyouken, Lobster comes to mind. The beautiful and bashful alike jostle for face room, hoping Lobster's spontaneity and wit will rub off on them. Whatever he says is echoed by the hip. Whatever he does spawns copycat acts. You just can't stay away; if you think you might be near his town, you can't help looking him up.

(And no, I don't always call my internet friends by their nicks, but sometimes it's just clearer that way.)

Poll #206759 Irresistable You

Who is the largest personality you know? (Input an LJ tag or web link if convenient.)

(Don wanted me to try a paid LJ account - he had reasons - so I might as well use it while I got it for stuff like the above poll.)
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