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The delicate elegance of tea

In my dream, I was discussing with a group the best mode of transportation for a 1,200 mile trip. (Plane? Shinkansen? Hitch-hike?) What woke me was a call from my little brother, who went spontaneously to San Diego to hang with buds. It was maybe 6:00 p.m. there, but 11:00 a.m. here. Here is a picture of my little brother, John:

Women want him, and men want to be him.

We were knackered after Scott's houseparty last night. It was the kind of party one takes bruises home from. We played Indian, and we played it 'real f*cked up.' Staggered back to our own building after dawn. Here is a picture of Scott:

After I talked to John, Don and I rode to Konan University to see Kazuki at their annual festival. We were lucky to avoid the cold, rainy weather we saw all week. The blue sky reflected in the young edifices of the recently reconstructed campus, against crimson brick and crimson maple leaves (紅葉). Every one of the 456,345,123,523,465 Konan clubs ran a booth featuring some popular cuisine (gyoza, chijimi, ebisen, okonomiyaki, curry, kimchee, karaage, ramen, yakitori, yakiniku, goma dango, french toast, yakisoba...) We toured the Cooking Club (over which Kazuki presided) and did a spot of Tea Ceremony with his alumni friends. This is a picture of Kazuki:

And in fame-for-15-minutes news, Akiko mailed today to tell us we'd been featured on Channel 3 at the Friendship Festival in Yamasaki. She thinks she can get us a copy of the program. Here's a picture of Akiko:

I looked back at recent posts, and discovered that my writing is getting worse. Is this a symptom of aging, or of losing my English priority? I used to love English! I still love English! I'm losing my English!

Last night, a friend wailed half-seriously that he lacks English. I said (and meant) that I love his English. I don't care if second-language speakers make mistakes, and that's why I'm (publicly) doubting my suitability for teaching English conversation.

It's just about the year of the monkey. What does 2004 have in store for me? I'm aching to know.
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