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I've nothing to say tonight.

..So here's some weird writing I found in a notebook, ca. September, 2003.

Fit to swim with a skull full of wishes,
scissoring down the street
Shrugging a sideways satchel of sand

You're shaking your head and watching your feet
I wear the roof on my head like a crown

How many nails would hold down my shoes,
my hair swaying like an arrangement of leaves
The sun on your scalp like a looking glass

What grade of silk was I once tailor-made from?
What kind of insect do I want to be?
Shaking my hips and watching the window
You watch the clock and forget how to sleep

(I'm just like the steel ball on black and white tile
Watching you watch the clock with one big fish eye.)

Whatever that means. Don is in Osaka with the Yamamoto (owner of Wheelers), and I'm trying to do anything but study. I'm taking a Japanese test Sunday; Don is, too. The difference is that he can pass the one he's taking. Mafumi says I have nothing to worry about... but when we check my 2-kyuu practice tests, she doubles over laughing.

How about a blurry photo?

Akane, Sachiko, Muyan, and Don around Oji-Koen, Kobe

Time to stop procrastinating...
Tags: creativity, kobe

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