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Tortoise "Thecat" Daze

"Cutiepants" is my new pet name for Don.

Here is a picture of Don.

In related news, the cat has begun to respond to "the cat" over "Tortoise." So that's her new nickname. She is Tortoise Thecat Daze (pronounced "dah-ZAY.")

Here is a picture of the cat:

After work I ran into a fellow we met last Sunday (after the test and birthday party); he's Joe and he's our neighbor. And tonight he mentioned wanting to wander into Seamus's Irish pub, as he'd never been there. (Peter, who lived in this room before we did, had written up Seamus in the Kansai Time Out, where the article was noticed by Joe.) So I called Don, and we drank Guinness and cider and Irish whiskies, as we well should have.

Cutiepants and I were almost home when he suggested having a drink at Wheelers. It was almost 1:00 a.m. but we had dinner there (fried-egg-and-tomato sandwich) and watched Yamamoto-san's screen debut, which was filmed in San Francisco and went on to a film festival in Germany). It's a great piece of work, and it's only 25 minutes long. I can't guess Y-san's age, but the film might have been made 20 years ago. And he had huge poofy new-age hair! Anyway...

To anyone who is reading this, especially parental figures but casal observers as well:
1) I don't stay up all night every night,
2) I don't really drink alcohol heavily, and
3) I do other things besides eat.

It might seem that way because those are the only things I tend to write about here, and it'll probably remain that way for the present, because chances are slim I'll feel like writing about the things that happen during business hours. I just wanted to disclaim that.

Thecat is hungry, so Don and I are trying to solve the quandry of who will go to 7-11 and buy her food. I'd like it if Thecat were the one to put on her little wool hat and coat, grab a canvas bag and jog on down there to buy the food. Maybe a custard or something for me.

P.S. I was going to call those people today who are supposed to determine my immediate fate, but it turns out they were closed. Tomorrow then. I'll keep you posted.

P.P.S. I got my They Might Be Giants DVDs. I'm in TMBG heaven.
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