susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Time English School Christmas Party, 2003

The Time Christmas Party took place on December 14, 2003. This year's party was held at the "famous" Teikoku (Imperial) Hotel in Osaka. Around 250 guests attended.

My favorite students, Makiko and Aisha. Before this, I didn't
know they knew each other.

The adorable, clever, and slightly annoyed Mizuho.

Yuta. He's a genius, and he hates me.

My stunning boss, Junko.

As I may have mentioned, I was meant to sing. I was to teach the masses how to sing "The Twelve Days of Christmas." However, I contracted laryngitis and couldn't even chat with the guests at my table.

Anyway.. Merry Christmas, friends! I hope it's a good one. I had to work today, but I'm home now! Hooray! My parents called, Don is cooking an amazing meal, and we're going to huddle around the kotatsu to watch A Christmas Story. Ho ho ho!
Tags: osaka, time english school

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