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susan smitten

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The Party After The Party [Dec. 27th, 2003|01:45 am]
susan smitten
[Tags|, ]

After the Time English School Christmas Party (14/12/03), we made for the Blarney Stone in Osaka. My coworker Ben got a text message with the news that Saddam had been captured, but no one seemed to care. Everyone was more interested in their pints and the wrestling on TV. I played some darts and some pool. Badly.

Tom, Darin, Vlad, and Martin.

Here's me with Ben.

Jonas and me.

Here we are with Traci from New York. She's cool! Traci, call me!

I'm looking rather melty-faced in that last picture. I started out drinking Laichi (sp?) liqueur, and Michael asked whether it wouldn't waste me. To which I replied, "I don't get wasted unless I drink pints." So what did I order next? Not my fault; the Blarney Stone sells cider with Cassis shots, mmm!

Note to self: Alcohol Impairs Your Judgement! We went to karaoke around 1:00 a.m. and I thought I should sing my head off, despite my laryngitis. Not my fault; this venue offers songs I haven't seen anywhere else. Like "Mukashi no Samurai" by Elephant Kashimashi!

[User Picture]From: amandasan
2003-12-26 09:12 am (UTC)
i think it can be spelled litchi or lychee. it's yummy! i wonder if you can get that kind of liquor in the u.s...
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From: synthesoid
2003-12-29 12:36 pm (UTC)

: )

ooh traci from new york, eric is turning red.
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[User Picture]From: etherealmommy
2003-12-29 10:16 pm (UTC)
Wait a second..why do I recognize the knot work in the background in the first picture? You know, everyone felt it was their duty to call us when Saddam was caught because we are a military family.. They said things like "Oh, well this will make it easier for you now" and "Aren't you glad it's all over and you won't get deployed!" Hello! It's not over people and the capture..it's so hard to tell what that really means anyway. So needless to say their was a lack of emotion about that around here too... Those are some beautiful boys...and women!! You all look beautiful!
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