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Two Nights in Tokyo

Don and I got to Tokyo on Tuesday night, after spending the day traveling by LOCAL train. (For future reference, Susan, this takes ten hours, not eight.) We met up with kingkyouken, and the three of us sang up all the songs in Ikebukuro.

Me with the baddest boy in Kyoto. He's wearing a spoon-o-Santana round his neck.

This is the view from our little 7th floor karaoke box.

Ikebukuro is 100% entertainment.

Another interesting building in Ikebukuro.

It was our first time in that part of town. It's a great place to eat, drink, sing, and go to bed. Don and I checked into a rather nice love hotel; it had a sofa, wide-screen TV, microwave, REALLY BIG bath (with handles), and satellite radio. Oooh, satellite radio.. 280 stations, all crystal clear. I have GOT to get me some of that.

There were mirrors everywhere, including everybody's favorite place.

What eyes? What heart? You're a damn towel.

By the way, the hotel only cost ¥5000 (less than $50) and checkout time was 5:00 p.m. Definitely my kind of place. When we finally tore ourselves away from the above luxuries, we found an awesome Indian restaurant (Great India). Fast, cheap, and the Sag Panir was like something you'd dream about. Then we got on a train and rode the loop until a lot of people got off, and we followed the herd to Shibuya.

Parts of Shibuya feel like a movie set. Too clean, if you follow me.

(Right-click-and-save to see Shibuya at night - a 3MB .mov file)

After a little wandering and shopping, we hit the shot bar and the English bar where we watched the fights. From there we went to an Irish place called The Angel, where we could watch the countdown on TV and celebrate with some really great people, including Lance the roadie, who is currently the video engineer for B'z and will next work the Athens Olympics.

Don and me at 00:00:01. I'm holding two drinks AND taking the picture!

Angels: Derek, me, Lance, and a beautiful woman. What was her name?!

After sunrise, we made our first visit to a shrine, along with the rest of the country. I didn't notice the name of it, though, and it isn't written on my おみくじ. Um.. anybody recognize it from my sorry picture?

One more thing: a little before midnight on the 31st, we saw several hundred people lining up. We asked what they were doing, and they said the were going to the movies! Were they going to a specific movie, or do people simply like to ring in the new year in that way? Cheaper?

That's all for now. Next... Atami! (熱海) It's a cute resort we saw on our way home.
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