susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

熱海 Spring by Shinkansen

On January 1, Don and I set off for home by local train. We got as far as Atami before deciding to ride the bullet train the rest of the way. So we de-boarded for lunch...

We expected another of the dying tourist traps you find in rural areas. Instead, we saw a geyser, a flower garden, and color everywhere.

Here's the geyser in front of the station. Look at the barefoot people in the pool!

Atami means "a sea of heat," and it's a hot springs town. Kids were dressed as though they were off to the beach, eating ice cream and begging their parents for toys.

There were a lot of markets like this...

...and like this.

Displays of steam were everywhere. Here's a steaming teacup.

And here's a very Japanese thing: Tanuki, or raccoon dogs.

Who can tell me what tanuki are famous for?
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