susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Ctrl-C'ed from crims0n

You've got to succumb to the occasional survey. I like anything that's introspective.

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that you have in common with me.
3. Whatever you don't bold, replace with things about you.

01. I use internet memes for self-examination.
02. My favorite color is blue
03. I like rainbows.
04. I like reading and writing Japanese, but not speaking it.
05. My mood is very much influenced by color, so I try to make my surroundings as colorful as possible. There are no colors I don't like.
06. Sometimes I wonder if anyone understands.
07. My favorite cuisine is Indian, followed by Mexican.
08. I just read (or reread) "The Catcher in the Rye."
09. I have a bad habit of catching taxis instead of walking.
10. I like plants
11. My favorite music is music I'm hearing for the first time.
12. I'm an Aries, and most of my friends are fire signs.
13. I wish I were more creative.
14. My boyfriend says I am the Queen of the Universe.
15. I don't get bored if I eat the same food several days in a row.
16. I don't get bored if I hear the same CD several times in a row.
17. I never cook meat, and I'm not sure whether I ever have.
18. I have a lot to learn.
19. I love making people laugh and smile
20. I collect stamps.

21. I like trains.
22. I love sandwiches.
23. My favorite season is spring.
24. I love dogs.
25. I like wildflowers
26. There are a million jobs I'd like to try.
27. I love hearing new kinds of (good) music.
28. I think marijuana should be legalized.
29. I'm a little shy.
30. I use the I Ching to help me make decisions.
31. I run around like a chicken with my head cut off a lot
32. I am compassionate
33. I worry about the future
34. I teach English in Japan.
35. I want to be a cabin attendant for Emirates Airlines.
36. I'm interested in spirituality and religion, but don't claim one for myself.
37. I tend to hold stuff inside too much and let it boil over.
38. I am ok with fast food. I'm not too fond of it, but I crave it some times.
39. I say the word "dude" sometimes.
40. I'm interested in psychology but don't practice it.

41. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they cost nothing.
42. My favorite number is 72.
43. I didn't like kids much, until I became a teacher. Now I love them.
44. I like vinegar.
45. I used to be vegetarian, but now I eat fish a lot.
46. I climbed Mt. Fuji.
47. I love all animals, but I'm a cat person.
48. I love people who never complain, even when they are surrounded by complain-worthy things.
49. I love being online.
50. I love comedy movies.
51. I like a little bit of noise to be around me at all times.
52. I concentrate better when music is playing.
53. I like living a simple life, but I buy a lot of crap anyway.
54. I can't remember the last time I ate ranch dressing.
55. I have broken down the concept of humor, and determined that to be funny, a statement or situation must be true, and likely sad. Outside of that, language-related statements and situations are also quite hilarious. Knowing this, I am never a comedian, unless accidentally.
56. I like hot, spicy food; the spicier the better.
57. I rock it in the kitchen, I'm a wonderful cook
58. I like to write.
59. I am not too sure how many entries I've had.
60. I bite my nails.

61. If my airplane crashed and I had to eat the flesh of the killed passengers to survive, I wouldn't do it, because so many people place importance on what happens to the body after they die, but I wouldn't mind if survivors ate me.
62. I believe in a patient's right to die.
63. I don't have a sister
64. I have a brother.
65. I sometimes remember my dreams.
66. I always dream in color.
67. I have a lot of MDs.
68. I hate when my nose is runny
69. I don't always floss
70. I love art
71. I'm a little vain.
72. I don't spend much time on my looks.
73. I wonder about the past once in a while
74. I like music that makes me feel.
75. I try not to regret the things I do
76. I hate being angry at people
77. I want to live someplace where it's always hot outside.
78. If there are old and young souls on this earth, my soul is a child.
79. I really like the ringer on my phone, it's neat.
80. I love to sing.

81. I love rollercoasters.
82. I love to sit in a crowded place and watch people.
83. I like Chinese stir fry noodles and vegetables
84. I would like to live in Australia.
85. I would like to live in Spain.
86. I love taking pictures with my digital camera and never having to waste film.
87. I like butterflies
88. I like finding a bargain
89. I have trouble finding a normal sleep pattern.
90. I hate feeling lonely
91. I only have one cousin my age.
92. If I had the opportunity to travel to space, either with an earthly organization or with extraterrestrial strangers, I'm afraid I would have to take it, even though I would miss this planet tremendously.
93. I like the exchanging of presents. Especially the giving.
94. I need money.
95. I occasionally miss my friends and family.
96. I like to be needed
97. I'm glad winter break is over
98. I like guys as friends.
99. I would like to get to know you better.
100. My philosophy of business is this: Give plenty of things away, while not letting anybody take anything. Also, whatever rules govern the life of an individual, apply n-fold for corporations - especially laws of kharma.

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