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susan smitten

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I never post in Japanese, so... [Jan. 18th, 2004|01:01 am]
susan smitten






今日「Lost In Translation]をやっと見た。きれいな無邪気な映画よ。見なさいな!

From: malo23
2004-01-17 10:07 am (UTC)

Lost in Translation のDVDは二月三日に出るらしい(こっちでね)。楽しみ!!一応映画館で見たけどまた観たいしDVDのボナスもよさそうデ!!
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[User Picture]From: chu_hi
2004-01-17 11:24 am (UTC)
美しい日本語で返事、ありがとう!我らの別の道を歩こう、出来るだけね。LJ で素敵な生活描写出来るだね!(自分のも両親のも。)とにかく、もうすぐ眠る。。あとでね。(^_^)
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From: malo23
2004-01-17 03:45 pm (UTC)
*LJ で素敵な生活描写出来るだね!*

ハハ、確かに。皆悪いことなんか言わないよね、 ここでは(僕は時々変なところも書くけど、馬鹿正直で仕方ないのだ!)。(; まあ、いいじゃないか。何でも素敵だと思えば素敵だよ。言霊ってあるでしょ?


P.S. 今度日本語でジャーナルを行おうかな。そうすると「秘密ジャーナル」になる訳だ。なんかいい感じ! (;

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[User Picture]From: scottks
2004-01-17 10:16 am (UTC)
It comes out like poetry in Babel Fish translation.
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[User Picture]From: zenmondo
2004-01-17 02:27 pm (UTC)
Thats interesting about following the paths of your parents (if babelfish did not lie to me).

It seems my entire life, I had found myself doing things my father had done -- and screwed up royally, and I had it in my head that I would be the one that would do it RIGHT.
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[User Picture]From: joshdavis
2004-01-24 12:12 pm (UTC)


I think it is an honor to your parents that you have taken on some of their most memorable traits, and an honor to you that your parents provided such a rich background from which you can choose talents and skills to carry you further. Computers, language, travel... they are all valuable skills.

We spend so much time trying to break free as kids, that the hostility remains for years. We see similarities and fear we are becoming our parents. I think that we take on parts of our parents, but we are not our parents. I see my differences daily.

I think Khai is my dad, in some sort of essence sort of way.

"Lost in Translation" is a really good movie. So much... yearning. I can relate to that. I may finally be succumbing to the hopelessness of life moving on.
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