susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Doesn't he look pleased?

From the Asahi Herald Tribune:

SUMO:Asashoryu makes it perfect 15

Yokozuna Asashoryu, having already wrapped up his fifth career championship and first title of the year, ended the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament with a victory Sunday to become the first wrestler in more than seven years to win with a perfect 15-0 record.

The Mongolian star was utterly unchallenged by defending champion Tochiazuma, who came out limply and was quickly shown the exit. Although Tochiazuma started the tournament with hopes of promotion, Sunday's bout showed just how huge the gap is between him and the current king of the ring.

Only 35 wrestlers have pulled off the feat of going the distance without suffering a single defeat, the most recent being yokozuna Takanohana in the fall of 1996. Although this is his first undefeated finish, Asashoryu won three tournaments last year, and one the year before.


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