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Fushimi Inari Shrine

Inari is a fox god, and his main shrine is Fushimi, in Kyoto. I don't know much about the fox god, but I heard his favorite food is fried tofu. Fushimi is Hiroko's favorite shrine, and she took us there yesterday. We met in Osaka and rode to Kyoto.

Part of the massive JR Kyoto Station

Took the Nara line two stops

All temples and shrines have a gate - a torii - at the entrance.

This pavillion hold offerings of vegetables, booze, and even a bicycle.
Here you can see eggs forming the Chinese character for "monkey."

The torii go on and on. See Don and Hiroko?

Map of the grounds.

Fushimi Inari is one of Japan's trippiest shrines.

Fox-faced prayers.

At times it degraded into chaos.

It was sort of like Alice's Wonderland.

I think these are gravesites.

It was a long hike to the uppermost shrine.

Last night, I saw torii in my dreams.

Whatever it is I think I see...
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