susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Taking Off

My first flight is tomorrow!

Tomorrow I'm flying to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. (Insha'Allah; if God be willing.) The next day is my birthday, and I'll fly to Hyderabad, India.

On my first two ("supernumary") flights, and ONLY on my first two flights, I'll be entitled to sit in the cockpit for take-off and landing!! I can't wait!

Tonight, besides doing some ironing and checking that I've got my 7,000,000,000 required documents in one place, I'll have to study. I'll be asked safety and emergency procedures questions (including first aid) before each flight, and I'll be offloaded if I fail to answer satisfactorily.

So yes, friends, I have graduated. Nearly 7 weeks that felt like a lifetime. I've assimilated the doctrine. Become educated on aeronautics, medicine, and the finer points of service. I've supported friends and been supported. Watched friendships and relationships shatter, and seen new ones blossom. I've listened to more R&B than I cared to. I've made the La Marquise French Bakery my second home. I've taken great advantage of the free booze and free shisha that Dubai offers to women. I've begun to really study Arabic and the Koran (both recommended to anybody). I've ridden the water taxi, eaten great Indian feasts for under $5, seen the gold souks and the beach and the movies, drunk holy water, been to church, sung karaoke, participated in the production of a music video, rehearsed and performed a song & dance with 15 other people.

You could say I've had fun. I have so, so much to tell you, but I have to get out of this internet cafe. It's cold and they never stop playing the same @#$!! Inspiral Carpets album. But I'll pop in to let you know how my first flights turn out. Maassalama!

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