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I've decided that I <3 flying. My sixth flight was Manila, Philippines, with a 26 hour layover. Naturally, the layover was great. Good shopping, good food and drink, and great people. (Yeah! Filipinos kick a**!) As for the flights... 8 hours per sector. We had two smokers in the lavs, at least five pukers, severe unanticipated turbulence, meal shortages, and a medical case. Yet I enjoyed it immensely. I realized what a fantastic job, and an easy one, this is turning out to be.

I have 14 days off in May. That's half the month, isn't it? My layovers will be Birmingham/Stratford, Munich, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, London, and New York City. Each between 24 and 30 hours, except for Hong Kong, where I'll stay for over 50 hours. Can you believe it? Are you looking for Emirates' online application form yet?

Walking through the airport in Manila, a group of about 10 older women hollered at us, "What airline? What airline?!" They were probably interested in our uniform, which the crew hates, but the rest of the world seems to really admire.

With Nissrine and mist of the morning

Maricel, Mai, Chu_hi, Nadia, Megan, Shauna, Janice, Sunthari, and Zerlina

Rohit, Essan, Samuele, and Shady

These people are my Ab Initio, not my Manila crew. But speaking of Manila, last night we had a sort of Manila reunion; five of us met in Eliza's apartment for drinks. Eliza's Filipino, and so are Maricel and Mai in the second photo. When out on the town in the evening, and while shopping the following day, it occured to me that the selection process at a Manila hiring seminar must be really tough.

My first layover was in Glasgow (photos coming soon) and it was great. Had a nice meal with both pilots and a few senior cabin crew members, and watched 50 First Dates with Rashid, the America-loving Emirati pilot, and we threw a small mutual-admiration party for each other's homelands.

Speaking of homelands... JUNE 1, 2004, IS THE DATE OF EMIRATES' INAUGURAL FLIGHT FROM NEW YORK TO DUBAI. Non-stop, baby. And guess who will be operating it!!!!

Friends in the USA, have you been hearing anything about Emirates or Dubai, building up to the dawn of Emirates flying to the States? What kind of publicity have you seen?
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