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Thoughts hammered out in a Manhattan netcafe

1) I hardly ever get on the net, so I'm really sorry about the 1000's of emails I haven't answered, and the stagnation of my blog. I miss my blog! And I miss yours, too, friends. I just spent the last few hours catching up on them.

2) In related news, I have discovered that it's indeed possible to survive without high-speed internet at home. (But not, I suspect, for very long.)

3) I'm in New York for the third time this month! God, how I've missed Barnes & Noble. And cheap movie theatres, and CDs with Parental Advisory labels. (I haven't missed the television, though. That's some rank shit.) I went to the Comedy Company twice for some good, varied stand-up. Caught Supersize Me, which delivered a powerful message, but wasn't as humorous as I expected. I guess the topic isn't really one to be snickered at. I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it, but I will say that I really didn't think Morgan Spurlock would last the 30 days; I fully expected him to quit.

4) I have a fever and I took some DayQuil, so forgive me if this entry comes out all loopy. I should have called in - but I didn't want to miss work. I never dreamed I would have a job I liked so much.

5) I was going to write book reviews for Paolo Coelho's The Pilgrimage, Jhumpa Lahiri's Namesake, Ameena Hussein's Zillij, David Sedaris' Me Talk Pretty One Day, and A.M. Homes' Things You Should Know the next time I updated. But you'll have to wait. Keep reminding me if I put it off any longer.

6) The Quran: It's a good read. I'm only a quarter into it, but all you philosophers and theologians on my friends list will really get into it, I'm willing to bet.

7) Skinny Puppy played in New York last night. I tried to get in and tape it for Don - but they were sold out! Ouch! Anyway, there are so many shows in New York, and so NOT any in Dubai. (Fans of Enrique Iglesias or Whitney Houston would say otherwise, but just open the Time Out Dubai, and you will see; the Music section is made up only of CD reviews.

8) There are a lot of people I miss. In Japan, I miss kingkyouken, toshimitsu0812, Sara, Sara and Simon, Mafumi, Muyan, Masako, Hiroko, Ueko, Kazuki Hattori, Scott, Betty, Mick, Mike, Will, Gloria, Steve, all my other co-workers, Yuko F, Yoshiyuki K, Kota and Masaya, Shinichiro, Kazumoto, all my other students, all of English Studio, Akiko Yamashita, Jason and Yukiko, etc, etc, etc... The list of people I miss in the U.S. is even longer, because it stretches back through my entire life. My family, Beth, Clay, Tia, Ryan and Sam, and etherealmommy are at the top of my list. I saw an email today that Michelle Guidry had sent me a message, which expired two days ago. Anyone know how to reach her? Bryan, Barrett, etc, etc, etc...

9) Dubai is a small world. I've never met Masako's friend Masayo, but when I went to Dusseldorf, I was having a warm beer in the late afternoon with my Swiss coworker, when it came out that his girlfriend was Japanese. He told me her given name, Masayo, and I surprised him by telling him her family name. And last month I went to Hong Kong with a pretty blond girl named Sara, who it turns out is the other half of my roommate Gina's childhood friend.

10) Sorry, I'm name-dropping. These items are interesting to me, but surely not to my readers.

11) CONGRATULATIONS to Hiroko and Niko, who just tied the knot! I miss you two and hope to see you soon!

12) I gave Don a haircut, and he looks so cute! He blends in nicely in Dubai, which I think pleases him after standing out so in Japan. I never noticed how... Lebanese he looks!

13) I brought a CD full of layover pictures to this internet cafe, but you have to pay extra to upload stuff! So now I give you a few older pictures, which have been sitting idle on for two months.

Bodies in motion

Tofiq and Chu_hi, wallflowers.

On the bus with Omar and Shady during induction week

Samuele standing in front of Maricel, Shauna, and Maricel

Violetta and Jennifer in the traditional garb of the region

Clockwise from left: Gemma, Chu_hi, Samuele, Nissrine, Shady, Janice.

I have so much more to show you! I'll try to make it sooner than later. Ciao!
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