susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Scotland; Sri Lanka

As I said before, I've taken to making videos of my layovers, rather than my trademark digicam photos. I'm afraid this might compromise the tradition of my blog, but I sure do feel clever when I turn those videos into attention-deficit music videos worthy of MTV.

On the same topic, I think I'm forgetting how to take a decent photograph. I mean, these two shots of Sri Lanka were taken out the window of a bus! I'll try not to disappoint you so badly in future posts.

Now that I've downplayed them appropriately, behold my layovers in Glasgow and Colombo!

Glasgow is overcast but cool, filled with hip young people and good music shops,
and I flew with a witty and playful crew.

I really connected with First Officer Rashid, a national of the UAE.

Walking at night, I felt I was part of a rainy and romantic postcard.

Colombo, Sri Lanka, is colorful and spiritual. God is everywhere.

A lovely local lady and a trademark tooting trishaw taxi.

My takes on Manila, Dusseldorf, and Hong Kong were captured through video only, and in Birmingham I used a film-in-camera to shoot the chapel where Shakespeare lies, as well as my new friends I met there. I won't make that mistake again; my blog is still important to me! (Believe it or not.)

Watch this space for London, Manchester, and New York. Trains, woohoo!
Tags: colombo, glasgow, scotland, sri lanka

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