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Sleepwalking in London

I have pictures to show you from all over, and from now on I resolve to post consistently.

On May 30, 2004, Emirates sent me (as a passenger) to London and New York, so I could be rested and ready to return the aircraft (340-500, for Airbus fanatics) to Dubai on June 1.

I discovered that flying as a passenger is grueling and tiring. I'd rather work! I can operate that 14-hour DXB-JFK sector and be ready to go out in New York when I arrive, but after 6 hours of being sat in cattle class, sleeping and watching Along Came Polly, I was useless as a biped.

But I took advantage of that free trip to London, and with fellow American EK crew member Katie, we met up with her old school friend Stu and attacked the sights. I slept on the bus, I slept on the train. I woke up for some Thai food, then (apparently) we went to some park (Hyde Park?) and some massive palace. I don't remember any of this, but the next day I had the photos to prove it.

And so I present you... Susan's Sleepwalk Through London!

Gate of Big-Deal Buckingham Palace

Flags to remind one of which country one is in, should one be asleep.

"Walk like Susan in London"

Proof that I take better pictures when I'm sleeping.

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's one of Emirates' 776,325,492 daily flights to London!

If you can't tell it's an Emirates plane, here's a closer look.

Some massive clock tower. It's famous for being the symbol of London or something.

London was cold... Dubai is scorching! It was two weeks between us moving into the new building and the builders installing hot water heaters, but we got hot showers everyday. They've filled the pool, and two days ago, Don and I went up to the roof just to check it out; thirty seconds later, we'd had more than enough sun. You can never have too many sunblocks or antiperspirants.

So today I went to the telephone company to subscribe to internet service in our brand-new Al Barsha love nest. They said they couldn't help me as I hadn't brought a copy of the tenancy agreement, so here am I at the nearby Browse House; I'll be back in a day or two to present you with little pieces of New York, Singapore, Manchester, and Dubai.

Until next time!
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