susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Singapore's Little India

On my second trip to Singapore, I headed straight for the flea markets, where I snared some antique statues and a few odd paperbacks. There I met Jeffrey (and much of his extended family), who claimed to be part of Jordan's royal family. After that, a stroll through Little India got me itching to visit the Big India - and a month later, I've still got India fever. If you are from India, beware crossing my path. I'll ask you tons of questions about your homeland...

Jeffrey from Jordan is a philosopher of Islam; we talked about God for hours.

The crescent and the star, in Little India.

This LJ brought to you by the number 72.

If I had my own city, it would look something like this.

Little India is the place to take a walk, snap pictures, and eat a vegetarian lunch.

Can anyone vouch whether India really looks like this?
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