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(forgot my Nikon on that) New York Layover

I had plans to pay up my sleep debt in New York, after a drink or two in the hotel with crew - and what a loss it would have been if I had. Waiting for the others to show up, I decided to look up the review of People Are Wrong and discovered with a start that by the next time I was in the city, it would be closed! So striking all plans to hit the sack, I invited along FO's Dave and Iain and built up my energy with a tomato, basil and herb pizza ("Your Pronunciation May Vary"). The three of us moved to a nearby corner of Ireland known as Rosie O'Gradys and made merry mirth with Jules and Kate, who are working for our company but are on vacation. Then Dave and I caught a taxi to Union Square and the Village Theatre.


People Are Wrong is the playwrighting debut of Robin Goldwasser and Julia Greenberg. "It's where all the beautiful has gone," said Don upon hearing Dimension Six after a week of listening to They Might Be Giants' The Spine and wondering where all the beautiful had gone. (By the way, I'm MAD about The Spine!!!) I know Robin Goldwasser is a really great songwriter, but for the music not to be influenced by her husband - TMBG's John Flansburgh - would be impossible, and besides playing one of the characters in the musical, he co-wrote a couple of the numbers. On this note, the songs sung by Robin are among the most beautiful in the show. I have to bow down to her. The story of People Are Wrong actually differs very little from that of Rocky Horror Picture Show, but features some of the country's most talented actors and far, far catchier tunes. (Right-click-and-save to hear one!) Not to mention a certain swoon-worthy band leader. I was impressed ten times over; Dave was polite enough not to snore.

People Are Wrong closes on December 11, so I only hope someone puts it on a DVD so more people will be able to experience it. And I'm waiting for the soundtrack.

After the show, we had loosely defined plans to meet up with Jules and Kate at the Loft in the meat packing district. Yes, we were going to ask a driver to take us to a club called the Loft and hope for the best, in a massive city where the hottest places are the hiddenest, and it's only hip if it's so new it doesn't even exist yet. Following vague directions garnered from bouncers, maitres d', and party-goers, we found ourselves standing before Hog & Heifer, another name that had been mentioned earlier. Got inside and found Jules and Kate fending off advances from rednecks.

Hog & Heifer is where Coyote Ugly was filmed, and it's even seedier in real life. Vacating after a single cider, I followed the herd to a place called Lotus, and went from being the most overdressed to the most underdressed in one venue change. Was I surprised to see a major Emirates contingency there! I learned, during the flight to New York, that Hadi, Claire, Emily, and Angelo were planning to go clubbing, but as I had intended to sleep, I didn't expect to see them until the return sector. More good times were had.

The next day, following a breakfast of cheeses, berries, whipped cream and boiled eggs (What?), I forfeited sleep to the continuing excitement of New York City in December. I went along to Central Park for a good ice skating session, went in and out of a few stores on festive Madison Avenue, and sat down to a shared bucket of mussels in white wine sauce.

(Oops, I was going to save my allowance, run some overdue errands, and catch up on my rest during this trip. Damn! Good thing I'm going back next week.)

By the way, among the VIP's aboard our flight was Rudolph Giuliani! He seemed to want privacy (of course he had a suite in First) so I didn't approach him with the onboard Polaroid camera.

Meanwhile, Don (antivert) was in Dubai with Ben and Ellie at the final day of the Dubai Rugby 7s. This is the opening round of the IRB Sevens World Series featuring 16 of the best 7s nations, and over 150 teams. Don said it was one heck of a party, albeit a tidy and good-spirited one, with supporters turning out for every team. If you are a fan of international rugby, you already know that England defeated Fiji for the trophy after Fiji gave England a run for their money.

In other news: There is a fungus among us.

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