susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

A welcome diversion while Don installs a new HD in his modded XBOX

As room1102 would say, bundied from jiritsu! (It was a good excuse to play with my iPod.)

1. Put your iTunes (/winamp/music player of choice) on random.
2. Type out a few lines of the lyrics for the first 25 songs that come up.
3. Cross out the songs as people post comments identifying the artist and title of the songs.
4. No cheating (ie, googling) allowed.

And now, the songs...

1. Easy my child / it's just enough to believe (I believe) / out of the wild into what you can conceive / you'll achieve.
2. Sunday, Sunday morning / lies a body just oozing life / someone sneaking 'round the corner. (givethesignal)
3. Trick, U shook your ass for some hundred dollar heels and a designer bag / now that's ass backwards / all you got in the refrigerator is bratwurst.
4. All your love / baby don't fool around / love is the one thing, baby, that you won't find on the ground.
5. Cure for cancer, cure for AIDS / Make a nigga wanna stay on tour for days /
Get back home, things are wrong / Well, not really, it was bad all along.

6. The best in us / the beast in us / this lust.... lust. I saw the angels sleeping with you / in his face.
7. Your eyes so clear that your face goes on and on / you could be very easy ... The beast within, can I come to your house? / I love to dance / You could be very happy.
8. I got it from the toilet seat / I got it from the toilet seat / It jumped right up and grabbed my meat.
9. He has songs of wildebeests and angels / he has soared on the wings of a demon / It's time to pass the torch! / You're too old to rock, no more rocking for you! (sn0w_cr4sh)
10. They said the surgery was successful / but they misplaced my muscles and skin / would I sign a waiver that said I agreed to be a skeleton?
11. So one thing I do wanna stress upon you, and that is, play with records. Get your favorite records, put 'em on the machine... play with records.
12.When the guava's drained / Eddie Dingle remains but we must further ourselves on. / So dynamic is life / staring into the sight's not right, but wrong in a good way.
13. It's knocking off my diamond wig / knocking me down onto the platinum ground / woke up in a beautiful dream alone. (obsessical)
14. Good morning, son / I am a bird wearing a brown polyester shirt / You wanna Coke? Maybe some fries? / The roast beef combo's only $9.95. / It's okay – you don’t have to pay. (amandasan)
15. Family fun run amok / My mom screamed at me / And a curse came in a voice that no one in the house had ever heard before. “Throw that damn thing away!”
16. I saw her reflection in the window of a store. / She was talking to herself / not too simple and not too kind / I walked on by, it was complicated and it stuck in my mind. (obsessical)
17. I swallowed some bad voodoo / caught it in the gut / Wish you were here / Wish I was not / You hear someone wanting you / How can I feel than be bursting with kindness?
18. I saw the clonin' of the famous family / I hear the dronin' in the shrine of the sea monkey.
19. Fresh clean air around my head / Morning tumbled out of bed / Eggs and grits and lickety-split / Look at me jump, I'm in the great shape of the agriculture!
20. What do I get? A potato-headed jigaboo with Catholic clothes on, incomprehensible duck-lips, weak bladders draining through abnorminably large organs.
21. You name a town after me now, and no one there can vote. Tyranny poisoned the world, and we were the antidote. (jennyeatsit)
22. Will someone please call a surgeon / who can crack my ribs and repair this broken heart / that you're deserting for better company? (jennyeatsit)
23. I am my mother's child / I let my fuse run wild / Showered in honey, showered in beer / Now when you spin on your head like a monkey / I won't see you. (rubine)
24. Penguins spin the caviar / Trois rouge. / We drown it quick before it hatches / We wash it down with absinthe / Spit it out with roses.
25. Yours is the only version of my desertion that I could ever subscribe to. That is all that I can do. You are a past dinner, the last winner / I'm raking all around me until the last drop is behind you. (aleyna)

Weird, no Japanese songs came up. Lucky for you, the contestants!

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