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A Collection of TMBG Fan Fiction

I spent hours last night reading everything on tmbg_challenge and half of tmbgfanfic, and realized there is some pretty clever material there, especially as the communities gained momentum. It even inspired me to write a bit of my own. So I'm making this list of challenge topics and favorite entries for myself, but other (extreme) TMBG fans on my friends list may be interested.

Challenge #1: Write a story that includes a confession of some sort.
A Taste of Truth by colbyucb
"Renew" by givethesignal

Challenge #2: Write a small scene from one of the Dans' points of view.

Challenge #3: Utilize lyrics from all of the following songs in your response): Spine, Spy, Sleepwalkers.

Challenge #4: Your story must feature the Johns as children, though not high school aged (11/12ish or younger seems good).
Fort by givethesignal

Challenge #5: Your fic must have something to do with time travel involving the Johns.
A Close Call by gr_chereck
An Evening in New York [or "John Eye for the Dead Guy"] by givethesignal
We Can't Be Silent, 'Cause They Might Be Giants by turkeyanne

Challenge #6: Your story must take place while the Johns are in high school, but it can encompass anything from actually being in the school building, to whatever outside of school activities you'd want to include. The time-frame is the key.
Research Paper by lizardboy51
One or 8 Track Mind by _bazilisk_

Challenge #7: Your story must include a situation in which someone or something is late. The Johns could be late showing up for a gig, late in confessing their true love for one another to each other (*cough*), heck, Miller could be late for a deal to score some more illicit drugs. Anything that has to do with the concept of being late.
The Interview by gr_chereck
Narrow Your Eyes by slfcllednowhere

Challenge #8: John and John never formed TMBG. Have they even met? Do they know each other, yet not collaborate on any kind of projects? Are they even in the music field? All of this is for you to decide.
Untitled Mall Adventure by slartabartfest
Billboard is Wrong by yours truly, chu_hi
Course You Know, Linnell, This Means War by bec_87rb

Challenge #9: Your fic must include the phrase "What would you do if I kissed you right now?"
Anonymous comment
But We've Run Out of Things To Say by turkeyanne
Truth or Dare? by gr_chereck
First Day by givethesignal

Challenge #10: This time week is a little different. Instead of writing one 500 word fic, you will be writing five 100 word drabbles, one from Linnell's point of view, one from Flans' point of view, one from Dan Miller's point of view, one from Danny Weinkauf's point of view, and you can decide between Dan Hickey or Marty Beller for the last drabble. They don't have to be connected in any way, but you can choose to connect them if you wish.

Challenge #11: Holiday-themed fic! Do with it what you will.
Happy Holidays from the Lincoln Administration! also by me, chu_hi
Flans repeats himself a lot by sully_for_prez

And some bits and pieces from the other community:
Randomness.. by obsessical
Kiss Me Son of God by obsessical
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