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Unrelated Things

Oh my god, it's raining!! It never rains here. About six hours ago, Don was setting up the feature on his modded Xbox, and we saw that the next few days were supposed to be 74 and sunny.

Actually, it rained a month ago, and a lot of stuff got fubared. The glass ceiling of Dubai airport shattered, flooding the entire level and halting the baggage system. I wondered then if the rain had been forecast; I'd bet it wasn't.

Don is making wine, and we just had a taste of it at the 1-week stage. It's... good! Like a cross between red wine and sparkling grape juice.

home brew

Oh, here, I'll model it for you:

me and don's wine

He's trying white wine, as well. It tastes just like white wine! It doesn't look like white wine, though. Don is now researching ways to clear it, using clay tablets or milk or marshmallow root or burnt allum. Dad?

this is also wine

In other news, the other day I had Morgan Freeman on my flight! I was just a few inches away from him, but I didn't talk to him because he had headphones on. He looked very cute and paternal with his white hair and whiskers.

I'm reading Henry Miller's Black Spring and it's kicking my a$#. Every word makes me want to read it aloud to someone. Wanna come over and hear me read aloud?

I should clarify that I'm reading Miller when I'm not reading and writing all that TMBG fan fiction. Um... I don't think Don approves of the fan fiction. That's okay, though, because he has a new toy to distract him (from the fact that I'm reading and writing all that TMBG fan fiction).

Oh! The rain stopped!
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