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Flying around in a plane made from an airplane

I'm drinking Abbey Affligem Noël Christmas Ale from Belgium. Mmmm, tastes like Christmas!

Christmas was yesterday here, because Dubai is 10 hours ahead of Texas and 12 hours ahead of California. But I was flying until 9:00am on Christmas, and slept through most of the rest of it.

I flew to London and back twice - four flights in four days. Specifically 003, 004, 005, and 006. Yeah, my arms are tired. But then I found out my mom and dad hadn't gotten my email saying I would be in London, so they didn't even know. And two or three recent incidents in which I've missed people I could have met, if only we'd known we were in the same city, have got me thinking I ought to publish my roster here.

01/01 Sydney; 01/02 Auckland; 01/03 Sydney; 01/09 Perth; 01/16 Perth; Edit: 01/26 London; 02/01 Melbourne; 02/02 Christchurch; 02/03 Melbourne.*
Every other day, you can assume I'll be right here on my couch in Dubai. Weird how I got ONLY down-under type flights. I know I said I was going to bid for them, but I didn't actually do it. //checks room for hidden microphones//
*Subject to change, and if it does I will update it right here in this post. Email me if you want specific things like timings.

My 005 flight was on one of our Airbus 340-500's. It was only a seven hour flight, so we didn't use the crew rest quarters downstairs, but I thought I would share a story I heard about this particular aircraft.

"At the beginning of a Sydney flight, one crew member went downstairs to get a spare blanket for business class. She saw a middle-aged passenger lying in one of the bunks, which is strictly forbidden.

She asked the woman to return to her seat, but the woman protested that she wasn't feeling well and needed to lie down. 'This area is off-limits to passengers, madam,' explained the crew member, but the woman said she was too weak to climb back up the ladder herself. 'Perhaps my husband can help me back to my seat. Can you talk to him for me? His seat is 16B.'

So the crew member approached the man in 16B and explained to him that his wife had asked for his help returning to her seat. 'My wife doesn't have a seat,' the man replied. 'Her remains are in the cargo hold.'"

Okay, so maybe that isn't a Christmas story; it might have been better suited for a Halloween post. Did you get goosebumps like I did? I'm willing to bet the story originated around October 30.

On my layover, I took Meredith Curry's album, Chaos Theory, on a tour of jolly old London.

Here is Meredith's music taking in the sights.

Another flying tidbit: When I last flew to New York on 12 December, I was in the flight deck when we flew over Mt. Ararat, which a lot of people believe is where Noah's ark landed. I swiped a picture from since I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

Ararat is the largest and highest volcano in Turkey.

There have been sandstorms here in Dubai for the last few days. It's like fog - you can hardly see. But the laborers toil on. Who thinks they should get a few hours off? *raises hand*

One more thing - I can't stop listening to The Spine, the most recent album from They Might Be Giants. I love this song, Damn Good Times. (Right-click-and-save!) Hey, aleyna, can you see that Robert gets this song somehow? The title reminded me of him. And girl, you need to hear this album if you haven't already.

Now, to get on celebrating with the rest of the Western world!
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