susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Melbourne Supremacy

From January 31 until February 5, I took a trip to Melbourne, Christchurch, and Melbourne again. Despite the entire crew having the plague (write our names on the defects log), it was a great trip.

Flinders Station in Central Melbourne.

St. Paul's Cathedral, reflected in the modern Federation Square building.

The Tasman Glacier in front of New Zealand's Mt. Cook. Ski planes
land on the glacier, bringing tourists, says First Officer Alan.

New Zealand's coastline. Ice crystals on the window clouded the shot.

Christchurch is a gorgeous town that I hope to visit again. Too bad the
weather was too drizzly to capture much, but here is the Christchurch Cathedral.

For Airbus 340-500 lovers, and by that I mean Justin G, this is for you.
Two of the four engines and an Emirates logoed winglet.

While we were in Christchurch, a record-breaking storm hit Melbourne.
Trees fell, making sounds in schools, houses, and parks.

Melbourne is full of irresistable colors and light, begging
to be photographed.

I took lots of pictures and bought some jewelry. Watch this spot for strangler figs.
Tags: australia, christchurch, emirates airline, melbourne, new zealand, sky

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