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susan smitten

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Sumo [Jan. 13th, 2003|06:27 pm]
susan smitten
The 2nd day of the first tournament of the year has just concluded.
Takanohana (the only Yokozuna competing in this basho) was up against Miyabiyama, who I believe has never beat him. And they TIED.

They crashed down onto their sides and Miyabiyama landed on Takanohana's arm. They had to grapple AGAIN immediately, and the second time, Takanohana sort of picked Miyabiyama up and hurled him out of the ring face-first.

I don't know what that move is called, but it kicked ass.

As for the other dudes I cheer for, Asashoryu won (of course), Aminishiki won, and Kotomitsuki lost.