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Bavarian Dream

Some of you know this part of the story already: I was on standby on Wednesday morning, when I got a call that I was needed for a flight to Frankfurt.

Frankfurt! Standby is fun because you can count on being called for a Saudi flight (or an India flight, or something equally stressful and unrewarding. Like this morning, I flew to Iran - short flight, full cabin, no layover)... anyway, as I was saying, I was called out to Frankfurt, which isn't far from the town our friends, the Larsens, have just moved to a few weeks ago. How lucky is that?

So I got into the hotel and called Laura (etherealmommy) and she actually drove three hours to pick me up. I was afraid it was too impractical, but was it ever worth it! We did two years of catching up while slowly navigating our way back to Ansbach. I spent at least half the night exclaiming, "I can't believe we're here!" and being amazed at Laura's understanding of German.

We toasted our reunion with some early morning Spanish imposter champagne, and drank our weight in yummy German coffee, while the darling little girls destroyed the house in-between acts of heartbreaking cuteness. Unfortunately I didn't get to see much of Erik, since he had training in a Black Hawk sim that day, but n'sha Allah, I'll go back soon. I've had a taste and I want more. (Also I left my copy of Gigantic there, ensuring that I must return asap.)

On to the photographs!

"We are... we are... where are we?"

Laura, Amaya, and Ella. Oh, how angelic is Amaya!

Laura and Ella, visions of loveliness.

Reunion!! I couldn't believe we were together in Germany.

ICE ~ the Inter-City Express train that took me back to Frankfurt.

Everything looked like this. This is officially the most snow I've seen in my whole lifetime.

**Unrelated thing: Don just bought some soft mozzarella from the store downstairs, and it is labeled "MUTTON/FISH/EGG." It isn't mutton OR fish OR egg, Don protests, as he makes pizza with it. Randomness.
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