susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

Kobe Reunion: Smiles I Have Missed (1/4)

Yatto, at last I went back to Kobe, my favorite city in the world which I reluctantly left for this new life. How nice to be back at English Studio with my favorite party people! I'm ready for another KIX layover, please.

Come on in...

I got there in time for Ueko's birthday

-- and Hiroko's homecoming.

Ayaka makes three. It's so good to see those girls together again.

Here I display poor judgement when posing with Scott.

Here's Scott's adorable other half, Motoko.

Tom, my old co-worker at Time.

Wow, it was just like old times!

Didn't get a picture, but turns out Mafumi has mad takoyakiyasan skills. Mmm, I could go for that right about now. I took lots of pictures of ES, though, so stay tuned for the next chapter.
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