susan smitten (chu_hi) wrote,
susan smitten

An old Buddhist temple in Colombo

The Gangaramaya temple!

There are just so many in Colombo. The concierge sent me to this one.

Anyway, I've never seen so many Buddhas in my life.

Go Longhorns!

This is the main shrine here, and it's quite huge.

Here's a glimpse at the lofty and elaborate ceiling.

Wait - who enshrined this STRANGLER FIG, and why?

Here is a roof that looks like a Julia set.

More serene figures...

Just try shaking a stick at all these Buddhas!

Here's your narrator, acting like a dork.

There was a museum attached, and I took so many pictures in there that I'll have to save them for the next entry. Next entry includes the mystery of the enshrined strangler fig... solved!
Tags: colombo, sri lanka, strangler figs

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