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katori blog

The jingle of a dog's collar would be good right here.

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susan smitten
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chu_hi_wines is my little wine notebook. Add it!
chu_hi_reads is my book diary. Add it!
stamp_scans is a community I created. Join it!

I post a lot of pictures here, and I don't use LJ cuts. I hope you don't mind. :^)

Pete Krawczyk's LJ Connect tool is here.
It's like that Kevin Bacon thing.

Know me? Here are a couple of places you might know me from: Keller High School (Class of 1996); University of North Texas (Class of 2000); Academic Decathalon; Girl Scouts Troop 1111; the Act One dance studio; KHS Drama Club; the Onstage theatre in Bedford, TX; Subway in Keller, TX; Subway in Denton, TX; Frullati in Denton, TX; the UNT Physical Plant; Stream International; Toyo Sushi in Trophy Club; Time English School in Kobe, Japan; English Studio in Rokko; Emirates Airline.

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